Hello, this is the Mr. Morris and Friends animated series!

This is the story of Mr. Morris and his friends. Together they live on a beautiful island, on the shores of a beautiful ocean. Come and check out their adventures.

The Lips

The lips talk non-stop and ask a lot of questions. They’re very excitable, cheeky, mischievous and always looking to have fun!

Always the life of the party and forever a chatterbox, The Lips come and go through the Morris and Friends world, but always make an impact when they visit.

Mrs. Crab & Mr. Lobster

Mrs. Crab and Mr. Lobster are the most elegant of couples.

They’re an unpredictable and mysterious pairing who also happen to be undercover spies!

They dance and flirt, are dangerously charming and are experts in subterfuge.

The Saga Seeds

The Saga Seeds are a big family who are always together! They love to sing as a chorus and move together in a pack. They’re the sweetest of families but it is “Little Red” you have to watch!

“Little Red” is the baby of the family and the troublemaker of the bunch. He is always splitting from the pack to satisfy his endless curiosity, which always ends in trouble.


Pineapple is well educated and has a very cheeky personality.

Never without a cigar in his mouth, he is hospitable, wise cracking and funny and just loves to make jokes and pull pranks at his friend’s expense.

He is the ultimate host and has odd musical tastes.

The Chopsticks

The Chopsticks are a cheerful set of twins who do everything and anything together. They’re always finishing each other’s sentences and are literally inseparable.

However, they’re a zany pairing who don’t always agree with each other and often want to do their own thing but never can! It is all about compromise.


Flamingo is flamboyant, fluid and fashion addicted! It’s Gucci or bust, darlings!

An individualist who is excessively expressive and refined in every way. Flamingo knows all the latest trends and the ins & outs of everything going on in the world today.